Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Things To Write in 15 Minutes

Gema Bestari a.k.a Gembil successfully ended his "miserable" undergraduate life :P. Oh yeah, today, my brother finally faced his final defense. He told me only an hour before his "battle"...through YM [*it's just so you, Gembil...telling your sister about something important in such a sudden time *sigh*].

I promised to call him after the final defense. Then, i called him and he replied "Santai, Ngek...dudu aku sing dibantai dosen'e, tur aku sing mbantai". Hahhahh...well done, De'^^. 
A few months ago, Pak Samsul "gave" me Mentari-Taiwan SIM card. Today, although i still have a lot of credits in my regular Chunghwa card, i used that free-card and mother :P. 

B : Assalaamu'alaikum...Mama....mana mana...Bunga pengen ngobrol sama adik Bunga yang barusan selesai UN [*Ujian Nasional].
M : Wa'alaikumussalam. Hallo, Nak...adikmu sedang les bahasa Inggris. Iya, alhamdulillah sidangnya tadi lancar.
B : *krik...krik...krik* Bunga td sdh nelfon Gema, Ma. Sekarang Bunga pengen ngobrol sama Era.
M : Oooh...hahahaaa. Makanya sebut nama dong. Adikmu kan banyak.

Hahhaaaaa...=)) =)) =)) [*anyone wants brother or sisters? I can give you one or two. I have too many :P :P].
After i called my mother, i called my father and...this ----- [*speechless] conversation happened.

P : Gimana, Nak? Semua lancar? Jadi  kapan sebaiknya Papa ke Taiwan? Pas wisudamu saja ya.
B : *krik...krik...krik* Hmmm...what if i cannot graduate on time, Pa? I'm facing...serious problems with my thesis.
P : Well, for me it's OK, Nak. I trust you in every steps you make. Just do your best in it, and you'll be alright. But, i will still come to your commencement.
 *teteuuupp :P*

What can i expect more? I am VERY GRATEFUL Allah gave me such an AWESOME father. Subhanallah...subhanallah...^^ ^^ ^^

Meanwhile [*sambil menunggu Papa datang^^], GANBARIMASUUUU \m/!!!
APPLY...APPLY...APPLYYYYY =)) =)) =)) [*seriously thinking about having a part time job]

We are the Chiayi School of ELITE Language Institute. We've been teaching since 1991. We provide a good teaching environment for students and good payment and welfare for teachers. 
We are now having Full and Part time positions for ESL teachers.
The working timetable will be set by different curriculum and the teacher shall be ready for class at least 40 minutes (for part-timer).


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