Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day Two : Inoculation

Today is my first laboratory work. Well, not difficult at all. Just making agar media, pour it into the petridishes and streak plating the isolate to the MGM media. But because it's been like a whole year since my last microbiology laboratory works, so i'm a little bit "unskillful" ^^. Especially on the streak plating part. There's nothing wrong with my streaking method, but apparently my hands are forgot about their former experiences. Hahaha...i almost ruined all of the media in the petridishes. I put too much "power" on my inoculation loop so the media are pressed and of course caused an ugly-deep-cracking area in the media. My beautiful supervisor, Mia, only smiled at me and encouraged me to give another try tomorrow. Hehehe...
Talking about Mia, she's very skillful, really. No wonder, because she's a PhD candidate and already spent many years to study about microbiology. Btw, there are two tools we can use to do the inoculation. First, using a regular inoculation loop. Another one is using sterilized toothpick. Before, i've never tried to use toothpick to inoculate isolates. Today, after seeing her doing the inoculation process using toothpick, i wanted to try too. Hahahaaaa...but it's NOT EASY AS IT LOOKED. Well, IT'S VERY DIFFICULT, INDEED ;p. Because toothpick has a sharp point. So, once you touch it to the surface of the media, it soon give a visible mark on the agar media. Plus, if you are not as expert as Mia, you'll just crack and break the media (*exactly just like what i did). Hehehe. All in all, using sterilized toothpick is definitely practical (*because it's steril and disposable) but rather hard to do. Contrary, using inoculation loop is easier but not practical, because we have to fixate it every single time we want to change zone/quadrant on the media. Which one you'll choose ? Up too you ^^. I'll just stick to the inoculation loop^^.
Here's some streak plate methods you can use to get your single microbe from colonies of microbes :

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