Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear OmDong Gals (*Esp. Tlu)...


(Tlu and Abi)
Having a baby surely the most MIRACULOUS moment of your life, rite ? You are a "complete" woman, now.
But, ehhhmmm...when are you planning to tell me about this ^^? I know that you must be bloody busy this time around. Not only because Abigael (*such a unique name your husband picked^^), you also have to taking care of bunch of stuff. Well, just buzz me whenever you have time :).
PS : Btw, i've tried to call you and Tante Sunyi about...1000 times. Hehehe. Finally, i called Om Hindar and just knew from Om that both you and Tante were staying at Condong Catur at that time^^.
PPS : Ehmmm...TGI Gal...Hurry Up...Go to Tlu's ! Now, you're not at Dubai...having "arisan", rite ? Ckckckkkk...such a lazy gal you are ;p ;p ;p
PPPS : Sidoarum's ya doin' ? Still wandering around in Jakarta, eh ?
PPPPS : Klaten's your blogging plan ?
PPPPPS : PrasMul's your Bangkok presentation ?
****Huhuhuuuu...miss you all bunches T-T...

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