Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mei2 you3 cian2...sucks

Now i know how does it feel to be the poor one. Hehehe. Having only coins in my purse...whereas i need to spend money to buy a bunch of important stuff...surely sucks. I'm on the pinch. But still, i don't want to ask my parents' money to cover my needs. That's my promise to myself.
But TODAY...(FINALLY!) the scholarship's money had already transferred to my account. Whuaaaaa....not only me....all Lantan, Linsen and Minsyong gals were burst happiness tears after heard that the scholarships' money had been transferred (*i'm not exaggerating here^^). Hihihi. I really don't understand, actually. Last month expenditures, were the WORST ever. Even for my friends. Well, maybe it's all caused by the health insurance fees which we must paid for. Yeah, for me, this things happened were very funny. We were stony broke...at the same time:).
So, the most important thing i can take from this "incident" is...TRY TO SAVE MORE MONEY^^. Hehehe. Yeah, because i remember my parents always say that i am too spend-thrift. Well, OK then, i'll be as skimpy as i can. GANBATTE, Bung^^!
Off the record :
Suddenly remember that today, Li Huei (*after knowing that i'm on the pinch), offered herself as a loaner. She said : "Bunga, you can borrow my money. I have a lot of money on my account". Wahahahaaaa...SHINJIRARENAI! Though known as a crazy-shopper, she's still able to save money. OMG...this is the first time Li Huei can beat me. Hihihi...


netta said...

Rasain loooooeeeee... kagak punya duiiittt... kaciyaaaan deeeeehhh... hi hi hi..

Hunny bunny, artinya kamu harus lebih rajin puasa lagi (baca: nDaud pagkat dua?) :D

Been there, done that, got the souvenir. Still exist! :)) Welcome to the club, babe! He he he he...

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Huahahahaaa....iya...."rasanya" BENAR2 menderita, Sun.

Exactly. That's what i'm planning to do (*hihihi).
Mungkin meh tak dadekke pangkat tiga ;p.

Yeah^^! Our "club" ROCKS^o^!