Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Chinese Laoshi

Actually, i wanted to post this since the first time i had her as my new Chinese Laoshi. But...well...yeah...iro2 things happened^^.
I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE my new Laoshi. Her teaching syllabus is so clear. She's very dedicated. She has a "passion" in teaching (*i can feel it, really). And she has "an aura" to tell us doing something without we feel that we've being forced. Cool, huh^^ ? Yes, she is. And...lately, i heard from xiao laoshi (read : teaching assistant), that Qiu Laoshi was once became a Chinese teacher in Harvard University. Exactly..."that" HARVARD. wonder she's so...AWESOME^^. Thank you Alloh for giving me another "light" in this semester. I promise i'll learn Chinese even harder^^.

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