Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you Allah...

Subhanalloh...i'm so thankful, Allah...for giving me the chance to enjoy more of my roles in this what so called da'wah ground.
I remember one of my friend once said that "If you want to feel "the soul of da'wah"...jump yourself into the da'wah's zone. Do it all out. The more you play your role there, the more you'll feel the beauty of da'wah". She's right, of course^^. I feel that i'm so into it right now. Before, i felt like i was way too wishy-washy...and rather do it half-heartedly. Maybe it's because i never felt that my skills-abilities-specialties-etc-etc were "used" nor "utilized" as much as it's needed. Or maybe...before, i were the one who pulled back myself from the "main stream". Well, yeah....
I'll just put this links as my reminders (1, 2, 3)^^. ALLAHU AKBAR !

PS : i like this sayings
"Allah loves us exactly the way we need to be loved. And through this love, He gives gifts that are truly unique. Something that is suitable for person and that person only. Its a reflection of how well He knows us and what we need. Sometimes that gift is something we have longed for; sometimes that gift is unexpected favour".


Senyum dari langit said...

Benar mba bung. Ketika sudah masuk dalam dunia dakwah dengan niatan menolong agamaNYA, apapun yang dikatakan orang ttg dakwah ini, bisa kita tampik dengan cerdas, krn kitalah yang mengetahui rasa dakwah yang sebenarnya. KEEP ISTIQOMAH SIS!!!
saling mengingatkan ya...^_^

>atas nama cinta karena Allah<

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Insya Alloh, Lil' Sis^^. Iya...kita harus saling mengingatkan:).